Today we’re going to look at how you can be more confident in five ways.

I used to struggle with having low confidence because I didn’t believe in myself and trusted everyone else’s opinions about who I needed to be and what I needed to do.

I thought doing what was expected of me, would make me happy, thereby raising my self-confidence.

However, I wasn’t being true to myself, which only hurt me even more because I started losing my sense of self.

Have you or are you currently feeling this way?

If so, I have a FREE guide with my top ten strategies and specific steps to take at, “The Top 10 Ways to Build Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence.”

Today though, we’re going to look at 5 new strategies.

Actionable Steps:

We’re going to start with two physical changes we can make and three internal ones.

But first, remember…

#1: Stand Up

Many of us, when we lack confidence, we tend to slouch or hide ourselves away. While I don’t believe in the concept of faking it till you make it, I do think it’s important to put yourself out there even if you are afraid. Here’s a small step that you can take- stand up straight (roll back your shoulders, straighten your back and find your centre).

#2: Dress the Part

Depending on the situation, wear at least one piece of clothing that not only helps you feel confident, but is also related to whatever event you’re attending or assignment that you’re working on.

#3. Know Yourself

Self-confidence means trusting yourself and your own inner voice.

So, answer these questions:

  • What do YOU want for yourself (not for others)?
  • What’s one small step you can take toward it?

The reason for these questions, is because if you take one small step toward accomplishing what you want, it will give the quick win that you need to keep on going.

#4. A Supportive Network

If you’re feeling lost or if there’s something that’s bothering you, then find some support. If you have low self-confidence, there’s a reason for it. So, get the help that you need because it’ll help you grow as a person.

#5. Show Up

No matter what you do or how you feel, know that if it’s a negative emotion, it will pass. So, wait it out, refer to your support system for help and then get right back up and show up.


Here are 5 quick ways to boost your self-confidence:

  1. Stand Up
  2. Dress the Part
  3. Know Yourself
  4. A Supportive Network
  5. Show Up

Next Steps:

If you’re a mom with a teenage daughter who is looking to develop her self-confidence & self-esteem, then download the free guide that’s associated with this video, “The Top 10 Ways to Build Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence.” Being confident in yourself cuts through overwhelm like no one’s business.

If you found this video beneficial, would you do me a favour? Share this with your family, your friends, your loved ones, your co-workers or someone who you think could benefit from this. Thank you!

Until I see you next time, remember to create, experience & teach from the heart.

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How to Be More Confident: 5 Ways To Do it
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