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Why is Student Self Reflection So Important

Today we’re going to talk about why is student self reflection so important.

Student self-reflection is essentially getting your students to sit in a quiet place and have them reflect on an assigned task. They may look back at what they worked on, how well it went for them, what they need to work on next time, how they felt when working in a group or on their own and if they have any preferences.

If you plan to use student self-reflection in your classroom, here are some considerations for you as well as an actionable step. These considerations will help you justify your use of student self-reflection in your class.

Why is Student Self Reflection So Important

The Benefits:

#1. Involves the Students

When we provide students with the space to reflect, it gives them:

  1. The time to reflect on their learning, so that they have a better understanding of what they can do and what they need support with.
  2. A voice to let their teacher know which aspects of the lesson they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy.
  3. Ownership over demonstrating their growth over time with evidence, if they use it as a part of their learning portfolio or in their report card.
  4. The room to greatly improve their engagement, behavior and achievement
  5. The ability to build their creative and critical thinking skills which enables them to problem solve when they make note of what challenges them.
  6. To figure out if they learn best in groups or individually.
#2. Relevant for Teachers

Student self-assessment is also beneficial for teachers because:

  1. They can use their students’ voice in their report cards.
  2. Have clear evidence when communicating with or involving parents.
  3. It gives them to tools to refine their lessons to meet their students’ needs.
  4. It showcases what a child has learned and what needs to be taught again.
  5. It allows them to form a deeper connection with their students as they celebrate their students’ victories and aim to close any gaps in their learning.

Actionable Steps

Download your no-prep student self-reflection and self-assessment for your class. I created the following for B.C., Canada, but it can be used for anyone. Please click on this link to see the specific resources that are broken down into different segments or click the following images to download your all-in-one bundle for your class.

BC Core Competencies Self Reflection Journal for Primary Students
BC Core Competencies Self Reflection Journal for Intermediate Students


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of student self-reflection.
  2. 2 groups of people who benefit from integrating into the classroom: involves the students and relevant for teachers.
  3. 1 quick actionable step- download the self-reflection journal that works best for your students.

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Next Steps:

In the meantime, take a moment to answer the question in the following image:

Why is Student Self Reflection So Important

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Why is Student Self Reflection So Important
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