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3 Simple Summer Writing Topic Ideas and Activities for Kids

With summer upon us, many children want to relax, have some fun and forget about doing any academic work. A carefree summer or playing and going on adventures is exciting because they’re needed for a child’s development.

However, what most teachers note is that when students get back to school after the summer break, they see a sharp decline in what most kids could do before the break versus after.

No one is saying that a parent should review historical events with their children over the break, but ideally, children should practice their reading and writing skills to ensure that they don’t fall behind. Of course, we don’t want to make onerous it on your child, so I’ve listed three fun writing topic ideas and activities for your children.

3 Simple Summer Writing Topic Ideas and Activities for Kids

Actionable Steps:

#1. Graphic Novel

Kids love comics and graphic novels. The pictures are captivating and so are the short pieces of writing that go along with it. Generally, the storylines are interesting as well.

Have your children create their own graphic novel, from start to finish. Once they’ve drawn, written and colored everything in, they can present it to your family.

This activity will help them write creatively about a topic that interests them. The artistic component will engage them, especially since they have to share their finished work with you.

#2. Family Postcards

Grab some cue cards as they’re fairly inexpensive and can be found in bulk. Have your child use their artistic skills to turn them into postcards. They can write one every day to different family members and friends. You can either deliver it via mail, take a picture of it and send it over email or picture text messaging (especially if it’s international), or you can hand deliver it.

Not only will the receiver feel special, but your child gets to practice writing about their day every single day of summer. These cards can be decorated based on what a child experiences, is feeling, or it can be based on their imagination.

#3. Summer Scrapbook

Have your child create a scrapbook of their summer. They can take pictures and post it in their scrapbooks, decorate it and write a few sentences to indicate what the picture was about or why it was meaningful to them.

While this a creative way of getting your child to write, you can also keep it for them as a part of something you collect to show their growth and development over time.  


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of engaging your children in writing during the summer break months.
  2. Three activities you can do with your children: graphic novel, family postcards, and summer scrapbook.

Free Resources:

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3 Simple Summer Writing Topic Ideas and Activities for Kids

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3 Simple Summer Writing Topic Ideas and Activities for Kids
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