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3 Simple Ways To Make Summer Reading Fun For Your Child

Today we’re going to talk about three simple ways to make summer reading fun for your child.

While reading may not be a priority for your children, it should be one for you. Children who don’t read for at least 10-15 minutes everyday are at risk of falling behind when they get back to school after the break.

Reading will also help to ensure that children retain any concepts they’ve learned, will continue to grow their knowledge and will enhance their critical thinking skills for the new school year.

The books they choose don’t necessarily have to be academic related unless your children are interested in it. They can enjoy reading a variety of genres to keep their interest and make it fun for them.

3 Simple Ways To Make Summer Reading Fun For Your Child

Actionable Steps:

#1. Listen Up

Not all children enjoy reading from books and some of them need multiple ways to process what they’re reading. So, instead of spending all summer long reading from an actual book, vary it up and have your kids listen to an audio book as well.

You can do this together by having some quiet family time where everyone chooses a book that they want to read and how they want to consume it. This is a great way to engage your children while you enjoy some downtime.

#2. Movie Night

Using the same idea in step #1, you can do two activities with your children:

  1. Skip reading the book and watch the movie instead
  2. Read the book first and the watch the movie that’s based on it as a family.

While both options are great, the second option will allow you to discuss the differences between the book and movie, and which you’ll liked better as a family. Essentially, this method will help you grow closer as a family as you engage in discussion together.

#3. Get Groovy

Once your kids have either read the book, listened to the audiobook or watched the movie that’s based on the book, have them get their groove on by creating a dance to describe it. This will engage not only their minds, but also their whole body. It’s a great activity to burn off energy before bedtime or on a rainy day.

You can all enjoy some quality family time once you’ve all prepared a dance to showcase for each other. Remember to bring some treats to the show.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of engaging your children in reading during the summer break months.
  2. Three activities you can do to engage your children in reading: listen up, movie night, and get groovy.

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3 Simple Ways To Make Summer Reading Fun For Your Child

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3 Simple Ways To Make Summer Reading Fun For Your Child
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