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Habits To Teach Students to Achieve Big and Beautiful Goals

When a student dreams big but gives up or when they struggle with school, many times educators and parents jump to the conclusion that they aren’t meant to study a specific subject or that their friends are a bad influence on them.

Sometimes there could be extenuating circumstances but a lot of times, it comes down to students who have developed poor work habits.

For the most part, school mostly teaches children what to learn and sometimes allows them to choose what they want to learn. Look at that sentence again. What’s the one word that was repeated? —- the word, “WHAT.”

When students struggle, it takes a toll on their confidence over time.

What most students need to learn is HOW to learn.

Habits To Teach Students to Achieve Big and Beautiful Goals

This concept will help them focus and achieve more than they thought possible.

While this article focuses on creating valuable habits to achieve big and beautiful goals, they’re also transferable to creating strong study habits.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Deck It Out

It’s important to teach your children to keep track of their progress once they create their big goals. If your students see it as a chore to make a note of it, have them decorate their planner and personalize it so that it speaks to them.

#2. Interval Work

Have your students work in short intervals. First start with just 5-15 minutes (depending on the age and ability of your students). Increase this by 1-5 minutes each day so that they can build their stamina and focus.

This will eliminate off-task behavior and have them excited to work because it will become a natural part of their day.

Once their time is up, give them a break. If they accomplished something during that time, have share it with the class to increase excitement and motivation.

#3. Quick Pause

Once they’ve shared their progress, have them note it down in their planner and write about their next small step.

Those who weren’t able to complete their mini goal during the allotted time, have them write down what their next small step will be to get them closer to it for the next class.

Remind students that student’s aren’t expected to accomplish something every class because it isn’t always possible, but they are expected to work hard and keep trying.

#4. Helpful Resources

Teach your students that it’s okay to ask for help. Have them brainstorm who can go to if they’re working on their goal in class and who they might need to turn to outside of school time.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of teaching your students to develop good habits to achieve their big and beautiful goals.  
  2. Four steps for them to do it: deck it out, interval work, quick pause, and helpful resources.

Free Resources:

If you’d like to get started on your goal-setting journey, check out the FREE High Achiever’s Goal Setting Journal by CLICKING HERE or on the image below.

Next Steps:

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Habits To Teach Students to Achieve Big and Beautiful Goals

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Habits To Teach Students to Achieve Big and Beautiful Goals
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