How to Understand and Know Your Fear
How to Understand and Know Your Fear

Confronting your fear can be daunting because it forces you to acknowledge not just your trauma as a whole, but the specific details about it.

For some people, it can trigger an emotional, mental or physical response that can sometimes be overwhelming and all-encompassing.

Today I’d like you to journal about the following questions:

1. What does fear look like for you?

2. What is the lesson that you can learn from it?

3. What is one small change you can make to help you overcome an aspect of your fear?

Once you’ve reflected about your fear, I’d like you to sit with the following quote and know that there’s more to you and your life.

   How to Understand and Know Your Fear | Face My Fear

If this is true, then remember that your trauma, even though it seems like it’s the biggest part of your life, is only one aspect of it. There’s more to you than that.

Now consider this.

What would your life look like if you could overcome your fear? How would you feel?

Watch the following short video by CLICKING HERE

and think about your next step.


Now that you have a better understanding about your fear, how your life might look and feel like without it, and a small step that you can do to move forward, make it happen with the following quote.

How to Understand and Know Your Fear | Face My Fear

Ready to start your healing journey?

Join us in the  Childhood Trauma Healing 7 Day Challenge and let’s do this together.

 Childhood Trauma Healing 7 Day Challenge
How to Understand and Know Your Fear
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