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Students Can Show Love With Valentine's Day Activities For Family

It’s the month of love!

So many times, students focus heavily on either romance or love between friends, but not as much on the love they share for their family – the ones that they’re born into or their chosen family members.

Today, we’re going to look at activities that your students can engage in where they can demonstrate love to their family. The following four activities will have children showing their gratitude, appreciation and recognition for their loved ones.

The beauty of these activities is that they can be done on a budget as most of these resources, if not all of them, can be found in your school. So, instead of choosing to do just one of them, you can do all of them to get your children in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Students Can Show Love With Valentine's Day Activities For Family

Actionable Steps:

#1. Laugh Together

Your students can write love letters to their family members with a comedic twist to them. Have them write down funny memories that they’ve shared together. For example, they can start that section of their letter with:

  • Do you remember when…
  • I remember when you….
  • We laughed so hard when….

These letters are memorable because they will make their family members feel good about themselves and will have them laughing about these shared memories.

#2. Scavenger Hunt

Have your students write notes on red or pink heart shaped pieces of paper. These notes can start with:

  • I love you because…
  • I’m grateful for you because….
  • Thank you for…

Parents will treasure these because they will be meaningful little notes that your students can take home and hide in different places that their parents frequent, such as putting the notes on their pillows, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and so forth.

#3. Secret Love Message

Your students can make cards for their family members and write a message to them. These messages can be done in the form of a secret message where the recipient has to guess what the some of the missing letters are when they’re reading the message. This adds some excitement to the message.

#4. Love Coupons

Students can write down chores that they don’t typically do at home that they’d be will do to do help their family. They can write each chore on a piece of paper and put them in a jar or in an envelope made from origami paper if you’d like to add an art component to your lesson.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of spending time demonstrating love to family members.
  2. Four Valentine’s Day activities that student can do to show love for their family: laugh together, scavenger hunt, secret love message, and love coupons.

Free Resources:

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Students Can Show Love With Valentine's Day Activities For Family

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Students Can Show Love With Valentine’s Day Activities For Family
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