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Importance Of And How To Promote Creativity In The Classroom

Teachers who integrate creative learning opportunities into their curriculum have noted that there’s a higher level of student engagement and lower behavioral issues in their class. It also promotes high order cognitive thinning skills, such as developing critical thinking, problem solving and making connections.

Children are naturally curious and many of them yearn to use their imagination. When children create, they innovate. In today’s marketplace, innovation is integral to a person’s wellbeing.

Creativity surrounds us. We’re living proof of it. For example, we used to have phone where we needed to ring the dial and now, we have cellular phones that we can take anywhere with us, or we used to use paper maps but most of us have GPS built into our phones or vehicles to guide us.

This is why it’s important to promote creativity in the classroom. The following are four simple steps to help you do that.

Importance Of And How To Promote Creativity In The Classroom

Actionable Steps:

#1. Showcase Your Learning

Instead of having children just reflect or talk to each other about their learning, take it a step further and ask them to create something that showcases their learning. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of your class time or eat up your budget. They can easily use the items in their desk to demonstrate their learning.

This is another form of learning and will help children when they get to see each other’s masterpieces and learn from one another.

#2. Open Up Your Classroom

Find space in your classroom for your children to create and store their work so that it can continue on from past the lesson. If it’s placed appropriately, it will inspire other children and look like great décor for your classroom.

#3. Engage in Makerspace / STEAM

Have a small section in your room that’s dedicated to Makerspace or STEAM. It doesn’t need to take up a lot of space and it can still look beautiful and organized.

Based on your curriculum, create a simple monthly challenge for your children and watch them innovate.

#4. Liven Up Literature

If you’re reading a book with your students or have literature circles, let it come to life. Have them choose their favorite section and create a play about it for the class. Let them create and design their own costumes and set backdrop.

This will take a few lessons but your students will be highly engaged ad will remember this part of your lesson and how it made them feel.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The relevance of integrating creative learning into your classroom.
  2. Four ways to promote creativity in your class: showcase your learning, open your classroom, engage in makerspace / STEAM, and liven up literature.

Free Resources:

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Importance Of And How To Promote Creativity In The Classroom

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Importance Of And How To Promote Creativity In The Classroom
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