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3 Simple Father's Day Activities For Students

Today we’re going to talk about three simple Father’s Day activities for students.

Father’s Day is around the corner.

Whether your students are celebrating their biological father, a father figure or a strong male figure in their life, it’s important for them to show their gratitude toward these loving men. Afterall, they’ve all helped in raising and caring for these beautiful children.

Their love can be shown through handmade items, which are absolutely priceless.

The following are three activities are easy to implement and require minimal preparation on your part.  

Actionable Steps:

#1. Comic of Love

On cardstock, have your students write a funny comic about a day in the life of their father figure or their relationship with him. They can decorate and color it. This is one of those gifts that they can have a good laugh at on Father’s Day and it’s guaranteed to be one that will be kept and looked at for years to come.

Items needed: Cardstock.

This will be your first priority before worrying about the assignment.

#2. Handmade Dino

Have your students trace out their palms on construction paper. They can then cut it out and have it facing downwards. This will serve as the body, legs and tail of the dinosaurs. They can then draw a thick comma and cut it out to serve as the neck and head of the dinosaur. Your students will then attach the head and the body together, following by drawing the eyes, nose and mouth on the head.

To personalize it, have your students use a thin marker or pen and write on each finger, one thing they love about the male that they’re creating this card for.

#3. Handmade Dino

Download these Father’s Day Cards and print them on either regular paper or cardstock and have your children answer fun questions about their father-figure or engage in drawing about them. There are cards for all of the different men in your students’ life. Click the following image to download your cards. Beyond printing, there’s no prep required for it.

Items needed: Cardstock and Father’s Day Cards.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of demonstrating love to the strong father figures in our students’ life.
  2. Three simple ways to do it: comic of love, handmade dino, and strong men.

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3 Simple Father’s Day Activities For Students
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