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How to Reflect on This Past Year

Reflecting on the past year can help you make good progress in the New Year, especially if you’ve got high hopes for this it and this past year did not go so well.

Overtime, our behavior and habits change. When this happens, our goals and how we approach it needs to change as well.

Looking back is good, but how you do it is important. I’ve broken the next segment into three steps. This shouldn’t take you more than half an hour to do all of it but it will give you insight and clarity for when you decide to set goals for the New Year.

Actionable Steps:

#1. The Overall Glance

Look over the past year and make a list of your goals and answer the following questions.

  1. Which ones did you accomplish and which ones did you not?
  2. Why didn’t you get to some of your goals? – Be realistic and don’t make excuses because no one is here to judge you.
  3. Are there any goals that you want to carry on into the new year? If so, highlight them so that you can get right on them when we discuss goal setting in next week’s article and episode.
#2. The Missing Piece

Is there anything missing on your list that you wished you had accomplished this year but didn’t write down? Make a note of it now.

Take a moment to reflect on why it’s so important to you. In fact, write it down because when it comes time to start working on your goals, this will be front and center in your mind.

#3. The Quick Wish

What do you wish you’d done this year that you weren’t able to do? Can you do it right now before the year ends. For example, take a quick two day trip somewhere to rest or enjoy clubbing and a few drinks with some good friends. If it’s something you can do before the end of this year, make plans for it now and get to it so that you don’t have the opportunity to add one more “I wish I had done that…” to your list.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The reasons why it’s important to reflect on your goals.
  2. How to reflect on this past year: the overall glance, the missing piece, and the quick wish.

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How to Reflect on This Past Year
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