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How to Make Your Dream Come True Day

January 13th is an exciting day. It’s Make Your Dream Come True Day.

This day is celebrated yearly because so many of us have big dreams that end up staying daydreams that we never get to and are unattainable. It’s important to bring them to life so that you make progress and feel good about yourself instead of always wishing and hoping for something more.

Make it happen.

Let’s use this day to motivate ourselves so that our dreams don’t seem so big and daunting but adventurous and exciting.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Let’s Focus

Take a moment to focus on your dreams. Write them down.

Then look at the ones that are the most important to you- those that are near and dear to your heart that you really want to make come true.

Of those, highlight ONE of them so that you can hyper focus on it without there being too many distractions in your way.

#2. Get Inspired

Find someone who has completed a similar dream to yours and talk to them. Ask them what they did to accomplish their dream, how long it took, and what it took for them to persevere.

#3. Focus on Milestones

Based on your discussion with the person who inspires you and your schedule, create a timeline and put it in your calendar so that you can get started right away. Remember to create incentives for yourself after each milestone.

#4. Get Help

If at any point you find yourself distracted or unable to focus, let’s help you stay on track. Join the High Achiever’s Club, send me a quick email with the title saying, High Achiever’s Club and email me at


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The reasons why it’s important to spend some time dreaming and making them come true.
  2. How to make your dream come true day: let’s focus, get inspired, focus on milestones, and get help.

Free Resources:

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Systematic Plan to Super Passionate

Next Steps:

For calm down areas on a budget, for your students who have autism, CLICK HERE.

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How to Make Your Dream Come True Day
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