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How Do We Teach Children About Valentine's Day

Even though Valentine’s Day is about St. Valentine, you may have a class that is mostly comprised of students who aren’t Christian. If so, let’s use this as an opportunity to teach our children about love and how to be loving individuals.

Every year this occasion is celebrated with distributing sweets and cards that only has the child’s name on it. Ultimately, it’s been about the treats instead of showing each other love and care.

Love is complicated and even though the media portrays this occasion as a day for romance, we as educators can change that perspective by teaching our children how to demonstrate love to each other. This will help form a closer bond between your students, raise their self-esteem and ability to make friends, and reduce classroom management issues.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Learn Loving Terms

Since children are already familiar with Valentine’s Day, start with that first. Play games and explore the terms related to it with the following resource.

Then, using these terms, talk to your students about how we can show love to each other in the classroom.

#2. Reflect on Love

Take some time to have your children explore all of the love that surrounds them. This will help them see that love is not just about romance. True love is beautiful and unconditional. It comes from within. The following resources will help students learn how to love themselves and see all of the different types of love in their life so that they don’t feel like they are less than or lacking in any way.

#3. Be a Good Friend

Teach children how to be a good friend by writing meaningful cards. You can pair each child up, put them in groups or pick out names from a hat. Instead of having students write cards with just a name on it at home, have them write cards of appreciation and about what they love about each other’s personality. You can use the following printable cards to help your students write and then distribute cards that will hold a special meaning to each child. You can save with the following bundle as well.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of teaching students about the real meaning of Valentine’s Day.
  2. How do we teach children about Valentine’s Day: learn loving terms, reflect on love, and be a good friend.

Free Resources:

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Next Steps:

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How Do We Teach Children About Valentine’s Day?
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