3 Ways to Celebrate National Crayon Day at School - Colourful Teaching For You
3 Ways to Celebrate National Crayon Day at School
3 Ways to Celebrate National Crayon Day at School

National Crayon Day is celebrated on March 31st. It’s about celebrating the creation of crayons and a love for coloring.

Even though many adults enjoy art, using crayons is generally associated with children. This day is meant to instill creativity and inspiration in both, children and adults.

The following three activities are for both, children and adults. So if you’re a teacher or a parent reading this article, I hope you’ll participate in the activities with your little ones.

You’ll need some art supplies, some crayons and some fun. Enjoy this day and see it as one with endless artistic possibilities.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Reuse

Have children bring in all of their old or broken crayons that they aren’t using. You can put them in a big baggie and donate them to schools in need of extra supplies.

#2. Mural

Take a large piece of bulletin board paper. Your students can take out their favorite crayons and decorate the paper. You can put this on your outside bulletin board for others to admire your students’ artwork.

If you want a cohesive looking board, it’s best to brainstorm ideas and assign specific tasks to students.

#3. Secret Messages

Pair your students up and have them write cute, kind or sweet secret messages to each other. They’ll need a white crayon for this activity. If you’re doing this activity with very young students, they’ll need to practice writing their message first before they can start this activity.

With a white crayon, they can write their secret message on a white piece of paper. Remind your students to press down hard when they write their message. When they’re done writing, they can swap pages with their partners.

To uncover the secret message, each child will need to use a paint brush and some watercolors. They’ll have to paint their paper. As they do this, the white crayon will resist the watercolors so that the secret message pops.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of raising awareness about Earth Day.
  2. Three ways to celebrate National Crayon Day at school?: reuse, mural, and secret messages.

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3 Ways to Celebrate National Crayon Day at School
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