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I went from having to teach
everything from textbooks 
that were created by those
who were non-educators.
Now, we have the ability & 
freedom be & teach creatively.


As far I’m concerned, I’ve been a teacher from the moment I was born. If you ask my sister, she would tell you that I used to teach my stuffed animals and her, everything that I was learning in school. And yes…. I had chalk (we used chalk back then) and happily wrote all over my family’s cupboards.
Along the way, I dabbled in a multitude of topics because of my insatiable curiosity about human nature.  I have studied sociology and criminology and hold a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology focused in forensics. I love learning about bones, so much so that my husband made me a skull bouquet for our first anniversary / vow renewal in Scotland.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little family.

I am also passionate about variety of seemingly unconnected activities: singing, entrepreneurship, spirituality, philanthropy, consuming copious amounts of chocolate and cake, event planning and organization, just to name a few.
After several years of working for a variety of corporations and indulging in entrepreneurship, I finally made my passion of teaching become a reality. I went to school & obtained my Bachelor in Education, with a specialization in Social and Emotional Learning.



Social and Emotional Learning is close to my heart because not only was I born in a third world country, where education is a commodity for the few who can afford it, but as a young child, I was surrounded by violence in my birth country and was bullied relentlessly when I moved to Canada until I stood up for myself. For the span of two decades, I battled with abuse and trauma. During those times, I didn’t confide in my teachers because I didn’t feel safe with them.
Before I applied to the education program to become a teacher, I volunteered at a school with a variety of children who were battling their own demons & navigating their way through life: refugee children, different skin tones, those who belonged to the LGBTQ community, poverty, neglect, being passed around in the foster system, and so much more. I remember one of my mentors telling me:



I LOVE making my classroom, my courses and my communities a safe place. Many of us are struggling with our own demons. We don’t need judgment but a place to feel like we matter and to be surrounded by people who care about empathize with us.
I BELIEVE that all of my students are CAPABLE. I know that not all of my students are going to go to university but what I do know, is that my children will feel loved & admired.
I CHOOSE to cultivate a creative space that is INVITING of new ideas. My students will be creatives & innovators because they are learning to think for themselves & to create beyond the scope of the curriculum. We learn presentation & entrepreneur skills so that each child can walk out of my class knowing that they are capable of greatness.
My underlying focus is & always will be Social & Emotional learning, with an emphasis bullying preventation, trauma healing & on developing their authentic selves.
Shortly after giving birth to my baby, I completed my Master’s degree in Language & Literacy so that I could ground myself in research, test out theories and bridge the gap between the aforementioned techniques to empower you and my students to find & use their voice.


It is my hope that we will embark on this adventure together as we advocate for ourselves and for others.
I’m here to serve you. Colorful Teaching For You was born to help educators and parents teach with a flare, and trauma survivors find peace and healing within .
I am committed to helping you teach and heal in a way that works best FOR YOU. Through the free content on this blog & in our healing store, along with educational booksteaching material, we are going to create a love for learning and heal together.

For making it all the way to end of this section…


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