Empowering YOU with the knowledge and

confidence you need to instill

a growth mindset within their children.

Know WHAT to do and How to Teach

reflective and creative health lessons in half

the time.

Done-for-You Growth Mindset lessons for
teachers and homeschooling parents.

Are you…

looking to raise your child’s self-confidence in a hands-on and reflective manner?

wanting to teach your children how to manage their emotions while engaging them in creative learning?

– feeling overwhelmed spending hours online with prep time?

The Creative Child Community is a membership for…

Intermediate and middle school educators and homeschooling parents who want to overcome the overwhelm of spending hours searing for health related resources.

Imagine if you could…

Empower your children to to love themselves while actively engaging them in learning in a cross-curricular manner

Log-in and have ready-to-go lesson plans,
templates and video tutorials

Have more time for yourself
and your family

Right now, our doors are closed.

While we only welcome new members a few times a year,

enjoy the following FREE resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

When & where are the resources delivered?
You’ll find them on the 1st of every month in your member’s area.

If I have an idea or suggestion, can I let you know?
I’m always open to feedback. As a founding member, you, my friend, will help pave the way and shape this community.

What can you help me with?
This membership will focus on topics, such as building self-confidence, improving motivation, reducing stress, overcoming anxiety and fears, planning for the future, positive mindset, raising aspirations, and so much more.

What approach do you use?
I use a mix of reflective journaling practices as well as project-based learning to go into depth with each topic.

Who can become a member?
This membership is for teachers and homeschooling parents.

What if I join and decide that the membership is not right for me?
I want you to be satisfied, so if this isn’t right for you, you’re welcome to cancel your subscription. Upon cancellation, your subscription will stop & you’ll not be billed for the future months. However, you’ll still have access until the end of your billing cycle.

Can I cancel my membership and rejoin later?
Yes! You’re welcome to take a leave of absence for up to 3 months at a 50% discount for those months and then go back to the initial price you were quoted when you joined. If you choose to leave indefinitely, I understand and would love to have you back anytime. When you rejoin, it will be at the current price of the membership and during the next enrollment period.

Do you offer refunds?
Refunds are not offered as products and instructions are delivered electronically, but you can cancel at any time. If you feel that this membership is not working out for you.