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Charlotte Pinto

About the Author

My name is Charlotte Lim but my pen name is Charlotte Pinto.

I am an educator who loves reading picture books to my students. I strongly believe that not only does it help them develop their literacy skills and a love for reading, but it also enables them to make meaning from it by connecting their learning to the real world.

I was born in Pakistan and enjoyed living there for the first 9 years of my life. I then immigrated to Vancouver, Canada with my family where I met and married my handsome husband, John, and gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, Louis. He was the inspiration for this series as I wanted to write meaningful stories to teach him about the world. This journey led me to publishing this series in the hopes of reaching out to as many children as possible so that they may join us on these adventures.

I wrote and illustrated the Louis and Denzil series as a way to help parents and educators focus on and have meaningful discussions about a variety of social and emotional issues that their children might face. These books are designed to help children become more resilient as they cultivate a sense of self-worth and embrace diversity.

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