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This article is a bit different from all of my previous articles. Today, you’ll learn in my home classroom the difference between projects and project-based learning. I’ll also teach you how to integrate the project approach quickly and methodically so that you can implement it at home or in your classroom.

Step 1: Idea & Research

Step 2: Design

Step 3: Present

Next Step:

If you’re a teacher or a homeschool parent and you’re looking to empower children by adding fun, creativity, innovation and independent learning into your curriculum, then project-based learning is the way to go. The Creative Child Community is officially open but will be closing its doors on Saturday night at 11:59pm. With this form of education, not only will your children thrive, but so will you, because you’ll get your time back as you won’t need to create any projects or lessons. It’ll all be done for you. You’ll also receive video training sessions, accountability and community so that you’re not alone on this journey, but are supported and cared for.

If you’d like to be a part of this awesome community for $13/month with 2 months for free on the yearly plan, I’d love to hear from you because the price will go up when we do our official to the public. CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

Alright friends, thank you so much for joining me. Remember to create, experience and teach from the heart. Take care.

All my best,

How To Develop Creativity in Children Using The Project Approach
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