I went from having to teach
everything from textbooks 
that were created by those
who were non-educators.
Now, we have the ability & 
freedom be & teach creatively.


As far I’m concerned, I’ve been a teacher from the moment I was born. If you ask my sister,
she would tell you that I used to teach my stuffed animals and her things that I was learning
in school. And yes…. I had chalk (we used chalk back then) and happily wrote all over my
family’s cupboards.


Along the way, I dabbled in a multitude of topics because of my
insatiable curiosity about human nature
I have studied sociology and criminology and hold a
Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology focused in forensics.
I love learning about bones, so much so that my husband made 
me a skull bouquet for our first anniversary / vow renewal in


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little family.

I am also passionate about variety of
seemingly unconnected activities:
singing, entrepreneurship, spirituality, philanthropy,
consuming copious amounts of chocolate and cake,
event planning and organization, just to name a few.


After several years of working for a variety of corporations and indulging in
entrepreneurship, I finally made my passion of teaching become a reality. I went to school
& obtained my Bachelor in Education, with a specialization in Social and Emotional



Social and Emotional Learning is close to my heart because not only was I born in a third
world country, where education is a commodity for the few who can afford it, but as a
young child, I was surrounded by violence in my birth country and was bullied
relentlessly when I moved to Canada until I stood up for myself. During those times,
I didn’t confide in my teachers because I didn’t feel safe with them.


Before I applied to the education program to become a teacher, I volunteered at a
school with a variety of children who were battling their own demons & navigating
their way through life: refugee children, different skin tones, those who belonged to
the LGBTQ community, poverty, neglect, being passed around in the foster system,
and so much more. I remember one of my mentors telling me:



I LOVE making my classroom a creative place. I know that not all of my students
are going to go to university but what I do know, is that my children will feel loved &


I CHOOSE to make our space safe & I INVITE new ideas. My students will be creatives &
innovators because they are learning to think for themselves & to create beyond the
scope of the curriculum. We learn presentation & entrepreneur skills so that each child
can walk out of my class knowing that they are capable of greatness.


Our underlying focus is & always will be Social & Emotional learning, with an emphasis
bullying preventation & on developing their authentic selves.


I recently completed my Master’s degree in Language & Literacy so that I can learn how
to combine it with the aforementioned techniques to empower students to find & use
their voice.




It is my hope that we will embark on this adventure together & teach our students to be
advocates for themselves & for those around them.


I’m here to serve you. Colorful Teaching for You was born help educators teach with a flare.
I am committed to helping you teach your children about how to be out-of-the-box
thinkers. Through our free content on our blog & in our store, along educational books &
teaching material, we are going to create a love of learning together.


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