May Money Saving Tips!

Over the past 13 years, I have read and learned a lot about financial planning. Some of the advice was helpful, while other either did not work for me or made absolutely no sense to me. In order to save some money this month, I decided to employ the following steps: 
  1. Take the $100 dollars out of my spending account and put it in a separate account. That way, when I need to pay off my credit card, I cannot touch it but it will be easy to transfer back when I need to pay off my Hydro bill.
  2. I labeled that account, “DO NOT TOUCH.” The letters are bold so that I cannot miss it.
  3. I consistently checked my account and visa bill to make sure that I was not overspending.
  4. I paid off my visa bill as soon as it was processed.
  5. My husband and I filled our time with things that were inexpensive, like taking walks as a form of exercise, praying and meditation, and we even did some gardening today (I do not like gardening but it was rather enjoyable today).
  6. We started heating water, putting it metal bottles (plastic is not good for the environment) and cooling it in the fridge. This way, I have water ready and I do not have to grab a plastic water bottle on my way to work.
  7. I also started eating more whole foods for my lunches at work, which is cost effective and healthier.
  8. We have also been taking drinks from home when we go out (we get a pack at the grocery store, put them in the fridge and take them with us, so that we do not have to buy a $5.00 drink every time we go out).
  9. Yesterday, we were craving hot chocolate, instead of buying it for about $5.00, we bought a no name brand tin for $2.00 less than that price and shared a cup. We can most likely make another few cups out of it. I could easily make it in a thermos before I go out instead of buying a one at a coffee shop.
  10. Today I saw a small toy box that was labeled free outside someone’s house. For the first time, I was not afraid to take my time emptying the box and taking it. I used to be embarrassed about such things but I can use this in my class next year for my students.   

I was so happy to be able to make this change that I cannot wait to try it again this month. I hope you will join me.
Another way to save money is to find inexpensive or free resources to educate your children. 
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