Going back to school this coming year is difficult as we don’t know what to expect. As educators, we need to find effective ways to motivate ourselves and our children because our students look up to us. While motivation can be fleeting for some, we must make it an intention as that will drive us through this year. The following are some ways that we can actively bring and maintain it throughout our day.

Intentional Motivational Mantra: In the morning and throughout the day, say to yourself, “I’m bringing it. I cannot wait for today.” This will help set your mind frame for the day.

Be Inspired: Take an inspirational quote and reflect on it throughout the week. This can be done alongside your students. You are welcome to enjoy specifically chosen quotes for different times of the year, like summer, or you can choose your own for your children. In fact, take it to another level and delve deeper into it by learning about the people who are connected to these quotes.

Goal Oriented: We have so much going on with our profession, let alone with our personal lives. I would recommend taking your planner and dividing each day into 4 columns. Title column 1 as Professional, the 2nd as Personal, 3rd as Family, and 4th as Social. Under each column, write down your goal for that day. If you choose to fill all of these columns, try to only have one point under each category so as not to overwhelm you. You can make additional points under your main point to break up the task. If you choose to have your students follow this system, instead of their first column stating Professional, they will title it as School. To help with your planning, you can fill out this planner, and lesson planning template. For your children and yourself, you are also welcome to fill out the Editable Teaching and Learning Organizer.

Go For It: Do something that brings you enjoy, whether it is silently reading at home or with your students, hiking, creating something or indulging in a creative art project. Focusing on events other than our troubles helps bring us perspective.

Wear It: This may sound superficial but wearing an outfit that makes you feel fabulous or colours that fills you with joy, will lift your mood you’ll feel wonderful knowing that you look your best.

Peace: Find a space where you can be on your own and where others won’t disturb you, even if it is for a few moments. Having some time to yourself will enable you to clear your mind. This place does not have to be completely quiet as some people, like myself, prefer some background noise. If you are like that, put on some music, close your eyes if it is possible and live in that moment.

Demonstrate Gratitude: When we see all of the good that surround us and we are thankful for what we have, we are gifted with joy, peace and abundance. Take out a journal and list what you are grateful for today. In time, look back on it and count your blessings. If you prefer a more reflective path, engage in the following gratitude journals that are designed for different age groups. These can be done on your own time, at school with your students or you can have your students work on it on their own.

I hope these 7 tips motivate you to put your best foot forward, whether you teach in person, online or homeschool. If you want a planning bundle, please refer to Planning and Reflective Journal for Teachers. Take care of yourself and may you and your family stay safe and enjoy your day today.

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