Are your kids as excitable as mine? My kids were jumping around because they were so full of joy. I tried these games today with them and will be doing in again on Monday at school.

You might be thinking…. but wait! Halloween is over. Why would you still be playing games?

Here’s why! Since Halloween falls on Sunday this year, you can bet that your kids are going to be excitedly waiting to discuss the events of their trick o’ treating experience. You’ll need some fun brain breaks for your class that can keep up with the curriculum.

If you’re a homeschooling parent, then you can play these games with your kids this weekend, as well as on Monday.

I will not be discussing the definition of Halloween because there are many cultures that don’t celebrate. If you celebrate it, then follow along. If you don’t, you can adapt these games for your class.

These games are easy to set up and inexpensive and you more than likely will have most of the items in your home.

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So, let’s get into it.

The activities will be stated in order or least active to really active. We’ll look at adaptations and how it can relate to your curriculum.

Before we move into the actionable steps segment, I have a little something for you to contemplate as well:

Actionable Steps:

Game 1: Point and Print.

I enjoy matching and fun printing games.

There are multiple games in this Point and Print package with detailed instructions and answer keys for teachers and homeschooling parents. 

These games are excellent for younger children and for your language arts curriculum.

This package will include games matching and printing games. To obtain this resource, click this link or the picture below.

Game 2: Fall Bingo

I’ve created 30 different bingo card versions with mini cards for the teacher or parent (if you’re hosting a party). All you’ll need besides the cards are some pencils if you want your children to write on them or some bingo daubers (from the Dollar Store). 

When you call out the word, the children must mark their card with the right image. You get to set the rules of if you want your children to call out Bingo when they complete a line a cross or diagonally. 

This is great for language arts. For sight word recognition, you can show your children the pictures with the words. You can also put the teacher/parent cards up on your wall to increase exposure to these words. To obtain this resource, click this link or the picture below.

Game 3: The Mummy Wrap

Put your kids into small groups and have them wrap up one of the students with toilet paper. Time them to add some fun and the first group to complete this task wins a prize.

If you want to include this as part of your art curriculum, throw in some markers and props, and ask your children to be as creative as possible.

For language arts, have them write a story about a mummy after they play this game.

Game 4: The Monster Freeze Dance

Put on some music and have your children dance around the room. They must freeze when you stop the music. 

The one thing I’ve never liked about this game is that those children who are out because they were the last to stop dancing, must sit to the side and watch the other children having fun. So, let’s switch this up a bit and give them a task as well. Their job is to sit down and be the little monsters. Have them sit like a monster and make monster noises when the music is on as a way of cheering for those children who are still dancing.

When this game has been completed, have your children construct their own monster. This can be used as part of your décor and as a part of their art lesson.

Game 5: The Eyeball Race

You’ll need to buy some eyeballs…. JUST KIDDING!!!! You should be able to find some balls with eyeballs painted on them in the size of golf balls. You’ll also need 4 small buckets and some plastic spoons from your local Dollar Store. 

For this game, you’ll either need to get all of the furniture out of the way if you want to stay indoors, or take your children outside. 

Create 4 groups and clearly mark your end line. Put each of the 4 buckets on the end line in front of each group. 

Their job is to put the tip of the spoon in their mouth and place the ball on the curved part of the spoon. They must walk as quickly as possible to the bucket and place their ball in the bucket and go back so that the next student can start. The first group to finish, wins. Those who have completed this task, must cheer for the others.

If you cannot get buckets or enough golf balls, you can change this a bit by having your children walk as quickly as possible to the finish line, remove their ball from their spoon, run back to their group and give it to the next person. 

For those who have completed the game, instead of having them wait around, you can also have them do lunges or other exercises while cheering as this will burn off some of their pent-up energy. If you add this to your game, then this can be a be a part of your Daily Physical Activity (DPA) curriculum.

You can also have your children do some deep breathing after to bring down some of the excitement and to center their minds. This is a form or mindfulness.


1. We talked about the reason behind playing Halloween games.

2. We looked at five different games: Fall Bingo, Point and Print, The Mummy Wrap, The Monster Freeze Dance, and The Eyeball Race.

3. We talked about how each of the games can be integrated into the curriculum.

Additional Thoughts:

Well, these are my 5 must-have games for your Halloween party or to serve as brain breaks for your children to burn off some energy. 

All of these activities can fit either, into your art, language arts or DPA curriculum. 

To keep the fun going, become a Colourful Teaching For You insider to receive FREE resources for your classroom and additional tips. I have one more activity that I’ll be emailing my insiders. Sign up by visiting my Free Resource Library.

See you there!

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Next Steps:

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Easy Ideas for Halloween Games for Kids and Teens
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