How to Find Your Passion for Anything this New Year

Today we’re going to be working on how to find your passion for anything this New Year.

At the beginning of the year, many of us tend to create these beautiful goals, we start them, but as time passes, we may lose our passion for it and then decide to stop.

At times, this is okay and very natural.

However, if you follow this formula too many times, you will eventually feel like you aren’t capable, stop believing in yourself and never get very far in life.

Being a teacher or a homeschooling parent, let’s see this as a learning opportunity to set an example for our children.

Today, I’d like you to think about a goal that you started that you no longer feel motivated to work on. Then, follow the three steps below and find your passion for this goal again and gain some momentum with it because…

How to Find Your Passion for Anything this New Year

The lessons in this article may also be valuable for your children, so let’s get into it.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Assess the Reason.

In a pervious episode, we talked about How to Set Effective Goals for Teachers In and Out of the Classroom. When you create your goals, make sure to write and post up your reasons behind them so that it continues to motivate you.

How to Set Effective Goals for Teachers In and Out of the Classroom
#2. Bring the Fun.

Add some fun to any task, even the most mundane ones, so that you feel motivated to complete it. In my article, How to Add More Fun Into Your Day, we talked more about including activities such as dancing, singing, and so forth to it.

We also delved deeper into this strategy on this video:

#3. Engage in Connections.

As I mentioned in How to Overcome Loneliness as a Teacher, remember to focus on connecting with others. Share your ideas with your peers so that they can support and motivate you.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of finding your passion for at least one goal that no longer excited you.
  2. Three steps to finding your passion for anything this New Year: assess the reason, bring the fun, and engage in connections.

Additional Thoughts:

Setting time aside and working on goals that are meaningful to you, is essential to your mental, physical and emotional health. I hope that when you implement the three steps outlined in this article, you’ll feel motivated and passionate about your goals again so that you can find the work-life balance that you’re seeking.

Food for thought:

How to Find Your Passion for Anything this New Year

If in the mean time, if you’re still feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and burnout, then I encourage you to check out the following:

Systematic Plan to Super Passionate
The Colourful Teaching Club

Next Steps:

If you’d like additional resources for your classroom here are the three ways you can access them: 1) Free Resource Library; 2) At my store; 3) Systematic Plan to Super Passionate; 4) The Colourful Teaching Club.

If you found this video beneficial, would you do me a favour? Share this with your family, your friends, your loved ones, your co-workers or someone who you think could benefit from this. Thank you!

Until I see you next time, remember to create, experience & teach from the heart.

Take care,


How to Find Your Passion for Anything this New Year
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