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3 Exciting End Of The School Year Activities for Students

Today we’re going to talk about three exciting end of the school year activities for students.

This time of the year is a busy time because our children are there to learn but their attention span is incredibly short. At this point, all they want to do is have fun because it’s incredibly difficult to focus when the sun is shining.

The following are three ways of going through the curriculum instead of having kids playing every moment of the day. Many of the activities put the onus on the children as you’re likely busy with report cards and preparing year end gifts.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Group Learning

Take any topic that you’ve overed during the term and review it. For example, let’s say I covered algebraic formation in term one. First, put you students into groups of four or five, then on day one, have them brainstorm what the remember about the topic. On day two, you can have them teach this topic to the class. On day three, your students can get back into their groups and create a review sheet for a different group. The following day, they can swap these question sheets with another group and have them answer it. Once that’s been done, they can swap their sheets back and mark the answers.

You may need to do some photocopying but for the most part, the work is done by your children. This is great for you but also for your students because it keeps their attention as they’ll enjoy interacting with each other. This strategy can be used for any subject and term that you want to review.

#2. Quick Writes
  • Summer Writing Prompts
    Instead of forcing children to write formal essays about random topics, it’s easier to have to focus on what they’re interested in at the moment, which is summer. The following resource comes with writing prompts so you don’t have the think about specific topics for your students. This can be used for the beginning of a lesson or morning work.
  • Summer Bingo
    Before you start the writing prompts, as students are transitioning from different subjects or classes, start your lesson with a summer bingo game. There are 30 different cards so you can either have winners or photocopy one card and everyone can be a winner. It’s your choice! Regardless, this game is a great way to start your lesson.
#3. Exciting Breaks

It doesn’t matter if your students are younger or older as they all need breaks to keep them focused.

The following two activities of several activities that are a part of the FUN IN THE SUN RESOURCE .

  • Roll a Brain Break.
    You roll a dice. If it’s number six, you see what break is associated with number six on your sheet states and the class has to do it. For instance, it could be swim ten laps in place.
  • Scavenger Hunt.
    The scavenger hunt sheet in the following resource is about items you have either in your class or outside so there’s very little prep work for you to do.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The relevance of integrating exciting end of the school year activities for students.
  2. Three simple ways to do it: group learning, quick writes, and exiting breaks.

Free Resources:

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For calm down areas on a budget, for your students who have autism, CLICK HERE.

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3 Exciting End Of The School Year Activities for Students
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