3 Simple and Respectful Remembrance Day Classroom Activities

Teaching about Remembrance Day can be really difficult for many teachers because even though many of us have immediate connections to it with family members who served in the war, our students may not have the same experiences.

Perhaps they were told about it, but for many children this historical event may seem like watching a television show with no relevance to them.

It is our job to help them see the relevance and bring it to life for them. We can do that with the following steps.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Read Books

Read to your children about Remembrance Day from story books or non-fiction books to help children understand and relate to the soldiers, their experiences and reasons behind them fighting in the war.

This will enable you to have open discussions with your children. Some of them may have family members who fought in the war. They will more than likely want to talk to you about it. Be open to their thoughts and feelings.

#2. Be Inviting

Invite a veteran to share their experiences with your students so that they are able to make a real-life connection to what may seem like a distant event to them. This will help them connect to the veteran and the reason why we celebrate Remembrance Day.

#3. Show Gratitude

Have your students decorate Remembrance Day cards. Show them how to write messages of thoughtfulness and kindness to express their gratitude toward the veterans who fought in the war for their freedom. You can either mail or take these cards down to your local legion for the veterans.

This activity will help veterans know that they are not forgotten while ensuring that your students are making a difference in another person’s life.

You can find card templates for Remembrance Day by CLICKING HERE or on the image below.

You can also get it with the following bundles by clicking on the images below:


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The reasons why it’s importance to spend some time teaching our students about Remembrance Day.
  2. Three simple and respectful Remembrance Day classroom activities: read books, be inviting, and show gratitude.

Free Resources:

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3 Simple and Respectful Remembrance Day Classroom Activities
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