8 Tips To Organize Your Baby’s Clothes!

I am a new mother-to-be and have been vigorously searching the internet for a minimalist way of living as I will be going on maternity leave soon and items for children can get very expensive.  Therefore, I decided to buckle down and figure out what essential items we would need and how to best organize them.

#1. Separate your baby’s clothes. You will have enough on your mind and don’t need to be searching through drawers to find a particular outfit to keep your child warm. I separated my clothes into 4 categories. A) newborn & 0-3 months; B) 3-6 months; C) 6-9 months; D) 9-12 months. I am choosing not to buy 9-12 months just yet but will have boxes ready for this stage ahead of time.

#2. Wash it all. Any material items that your child will come in contact with from the time they are born until they are 0-3 months needs to be washed. This includes towels, blankets, sheets, socks, caps, etc.

#3. Consignment shopping. Little ones grow out of their clothes so quickly and when they are born, we don’t really know how much they will weigh, so don’t be afraid to check out the consignment shops near you to save some money. However, make sure to wash the clothing items twice to be on the safe side.

#4. Transparent shoe sized boxes. For me, this has been a game changer. I separated the items for my newborn and 0-3 months and put them in boxes so that not only can I see them easily but I know where to put them once they get dirty and need to be washed. This is also perfect for when your child outgrows the newborn phase and moves on to the 0-3 months stage. You can store the newborn items, wash the 3-6 months clothes and have them ready for when they need to use them. If you plan to have another child after, all of your newborn clothes are safely stored away.

#5. Label the boxes. Separate the items and label the boxes accordingly so you know where each item goes and you don’t have to think as much when you are sleep deprived.

#6. Roll the clothes. This is such an awesome way to be able to see what items you have in your transparent boxes without having to sift through anything. It also conserves space.

Shoe Sized Storage Boxes

#7. Larger boxes. If you want to store your items for your next baby, to give away to a friend, or to donate them, get a larger box to put the items in once your child outgrows each phase.  You can also use a larger box to store the shoe sized boxes that your child is not ready for as yet. Personally, I prefer that these are transparent as well, but it is up to you because if you follow through with the next step, it won’t make much of a difference if it is transparent or not.

#8. Label the boxes. Yes! Label these by age so you know exactly where to go to find what you need for each phase of your baby’s first year.

Baby Clothes Organization Recap

I bought my shoe sized boxes from Home Depot and Canadian Tire but depending on your location, you can also buy them from Amazon.ca or Amazon.com. The larger boxes can be purchased from again, depending on your location, Ikea.ca or Ikea.com but I recently discovered that they are much cheaper and more durable at Costco.ca or Costco.com. Please note that these are my suggestions but that I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with these companies. I just really like these products. You are welcome to purchase your items from any other place that fits within your budget.

Once you’ve had a chance to read this article, I’d love to hear from you.

What are some of your organizational tips for storing clothes?

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Organize Your Baby’s Clothes With Me!

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