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Three steps to dreaming big and getting ready to jump start your new year.

I’m so excited for this post because December and January are my FAVOURITE months. Why? Not only do I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas, but also because it’s planning time. 

Yes! You heard me right! Planning excites me to no end.

Nerdy? Perhaps! But in all seriousness, it allows me to be super vigilant and on high alert.

COVID has thrown us all for a loop but we don’t need to sink with that Titanic. Let’s swim to shore with a clear destination in mind.

If you’re all over the place or unsure about what to do or how to get started, then stick with me, my friend, and let’s get a movin’.

Before we continue you on, I have a FREE planning tool created for you that’s located at the end of this post but you can also grab yours by clicking HERE

Alright then, let’s get started!

Look Back

Before we even look at next year, let’s take a look at this one first. I’d love it if you would reflect…. Yes… REFLECT on the following questions:

  1. What went well for me?
  2. What brought me joy?
  3. What do I need to work on? In fact, take a picture of the chart below and paste it into your word document and type over it, or make your own chart.

These questions are also available in the The High Achievers Roadmap.

Answer this is in point form. Don’t bother editing it or worrying about what you write. Just jot down the first thoughts that come to your mind.

What’s the Big Idea?

I’m a teacher, so I love looking at the big idea of everything.  

What do I mean by this? I want you to dream big – think bucket list big and write down everything that you want to do in 2021- your goals and dreams. What do you want to accomplish for the following: personal, professional, academic, family life and so forth.  

Make sure you write them down. It doesn’t matter if it seems unrealistic to you, just write it all down for now. Pour your heart out into this, my lovelies, because this is your own personal list – no one else can see it.

  • Do you dream of travelling? You might be able to at the end of next year. Perhaps send out that positive energy and it may happen – the law of attraction.
  • Is your goal to make a certain amount of money? Perhaps you need to ask for a raise or create something on the side to make this happen? This one may seem daunting and uncomfortable but if this is something you really want, write it down.
  • Are you having a difficult time saving money? Perhaps set a monetary goal for yourself. Think about how much money you made this past year, approximately how much of it went toward expenses and how much, even if it’s just $10 per month, can you put aside in savings? Write it down. 

Last Time

This is the last time I’ll ask you to do this, but I want you to look back once more. Evaluate what you wrote and make a note of what brought you joy. Can you include that into one or more of your big ideas for the following year? If so, please write it down on your bucket list as it’ll sprinkle joy into your life, which, in any form, is always fabulous.

Final Thoughts

After this, take a moment to focus on your future. Over this upcoming week, spend time revisiting your big ideas. Don’t erase anything, but if the desire arises, add more to it. Let it fill you with excitement, and remember to bring it with you next week when we use this as a springboard to jump start our planning for next year.

Thank you so much for joining me. I would love to hear about your big ideas in the comments below. For now though, grab your FREE planning sheets for this post and enjoy visualizing.

While the above roadmap is a great starting point for goal-setting, the following, which is a more comprehensive guide that will go into more depth and will focus on my 6 step goal-setting plan for success.

Your intermediate or middle school aged children can also join in on the fun.

For your young ones, we also have a way of having them plan with you.

Take care and Happy Last Week of December,

Goal-Setting Tips to Create an Extraordinary Life
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