Today we’re going to look at how to enjoy life by letting go of perfection.

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Pick up that magazine and look at that stunningly beautiful person.

Turn on the television and you hear about all of the accomplishments of others, like those who are traveling to the moon or who have billions of dollars.

Essentially, these mediums are portraying a version of what they want you to believe about the level of success that you need to attain to be and feel your best. But what you don’t hear about or see, is how it was achieved. Were they born into it? Did they actually get it by working really hard? How are they feeling about it?

What we see are these standards that we must live up to. So, we try hard every day to live up to these standards of beauty, success, education, mannerism and so forth. However, we don’t see the underlying aspects of it, which is what makes us human.

A lot of the time, when you’re trying to be perfect, it’s because something is lacking in your life. So what we need to do is assess what’s missing and why we feel this need to be unrealistically perfect, because…

Actionable Steps:

So let’s do just that- let’s do the assessment by reflecting on four questions.

Reflection Question #1:
Why do I feel the need to be perfect?

I really want you to dig deep and look at the underlying reason.

When I was younger, I desperately wanted to be the perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect friend, the perfect student, the perfect everything. In trying so hard to be perfect, I never got to just enjoy life. As I got older, I reflected on why I had put so much pressure on myself, because no one was telling me that I was not doing a good job. It’s because, if you’ve watched my videos or read my articles, I’ve talked about surviving trauma. At that time, I didn’t understand how to manage it or how to process my emotions. Instead, I tried to be the perfect person so that no one would see the pain I was feeling. In doing so, I felt worse about myself because the ideal perfect person I was trying to create was unrealistic and wasn’t who I was meant to be.

Reflection Question #2:
What is one thing I can let go of and make mistakes?

I decided that I didn’t have to agree with my loved ones all of the time to please them when it didn’t align with my beliefs. Did it bother people? Yes! Did I feel terrible for a bit? Yes! Did it make me stronger and happier over time? Oh heck yeah!

Reflection Question #3:
What would happen if I let go?

Would it mean that you need to face something difficult? I had to face my trauma but I am stronger because of it. This can be a scary step but it’s so important.

Reflection Question #4:
Why do I want to move on?

Don’t skip this question because when you give yourself a reason to move on, it allows you to see what’s possible.

My reason for moving on was because I was tired of doing everything for everyone and having no time to focus on myself and my needs.


  • It’s okay to not be perfect because no one is perfect and it’s an unachievable and unhealthy goal. Progress, even if things don’t work out the way we want it to, is better than perfection.
  • Answer 4 reflection questions:
    1. Why do I feel the need to be perfect?
    2. What is one thing I can let go of and make mistakes?
    3. What would happen if I let go?
    4. Why do I want to move on?

Additional Throughts:

When you realize that you don’t have to be perfect, you’ll start to see what you’re truly capable of. When this occurs, you’ll start to feel free to make mistakes, and in doing so, you’ll really start to blossom by realizing what you’re good at and what you’re called to do. This is when the fun and enjoyment of life begins.

My hope is that when you let go of one thing, your level of stress and worry will decrease and your self confidence will increase.

Next Steps:

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Until next week, remember to create, experience & teach from the heart.

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Want To Enjoy Your Life? Stop Trying To Be Perfect!
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