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What Procrastination Means and Why High School Students Procrastinate?

Essentially, procrastination is when a task that needs to be completed is put off until the last minute or is completed past the deadline.

Procrastination is a prevalent problem among many high school students. If we don’t understand why they procrastinate and how to help them, it can lead to a range of issues, such as increased stress levels and decreased grades, which can lead to problems with graduation and career prospects.

Therefore, under “The Reasons,” you’ll gain a better understanding of why your students might procrastinate. Take these reasons, conference with them and figure out which one matches their needs. Then go to “Additional Step” in this article and learn about how to help your children move past procrastination in 3 simple ways.

What Procrastination Means and Why High School Students Procrastinate?

The Reasons:

#1. Relevance

Some students don’t feel that what they’re learning is related to their life. They may not be to see why they need to learn a specific topic. For example, unless it’s explained, not every child will see the point of learning physics.

#2. Perfectionism

There are many children who have a need to produce high quality work and have such high standards that even they struggle to meet them. So, they’ll hyper focus on one aspect of a task to the detriment of the rest because eventually they’ll run out of time.

#3. Failure

Fear of failure leads to many children feeling so anxious about their work that they often don’t start the assignment and if they do, they may not hand it in because they’re afraid of what their teacher, their parents or their peers may think or say about it.

#4. Discomfort

There are times when children are asked to work together or collaborate on a project. Not all group members will always get along, which can cause strife amongst them. If there’s a high level of discomfort, they focus will be on those feelings instead of the project.

Actionable Step:

In order to help your children move past procrastination, click this link or the image below to get access to my FREE video training that will outline 3 ways that you can help you children move past procrastination so that they can be productive.

3 Steps To Teach Children How to Overcome Procrastination and Increase Productivity


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The concept of procrastination and the relevance of understanding why high school students do it.
  2. 4 reasons why they procrastinate: relevance, perfectionism, failure, discomfort.
  3. One quick actionable step you can take to help your children be more productive.

Additional Thoughts:

In the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the question in the following image:

What Procrastination Means and Why High School Students Procrastinate?

If in the mean time, if you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and burnout, then I encourage you to check out the following:

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What Procrastination Means and Why High School Students Procrastinate?
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