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2 Simple and Fun Student Voice Ideas and Activities

Today we’re going to talk about two simple and fun student voice ideas and activities.

We’ve talked about the importance of integrating student voice into your classroom a few weeks ago, so I won’t go into the minute details about it as you can click on this link and take a look at it.

Today we’re going to focus on how to hear your students even when they aren’t voicing their opinions out loud. This is a great way to start getting your children used to being open about their thoughts and experiences, especially if they don’t like talking in front of others.

2 Simple and Fun Student Voice Ideas and Activities

These activities will help build their trust as they learn how to articulate their ideas on paper.

So here are two really simple and fun activities you can do with your students to help them voice their opinions. There’s minimal prep on your end and your kids will love it.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Interest With Instagram

Dedicate a bulletin board to Instagram. Have your children write and draw about their day as though they’re posting on Instagram and post it up on the board. They can write about the following:

  1. What they learned about
  2. Their feelings
  3. Random thoughts of the day
  4. What went well for them
  5. What didn’t go well for them
  6. Something they wish could happen or they could learn about.
#2. Post-It Note Play

Hand out colored Post-it Notes and have your kids write about something they learned about from a lesson that you taught and ask them to post it on the white board before they leave for the day.

Your students will love this activity because not only do they get to enjoy different types of Post-It Notes, but they also get to read what others wrote. If they don’t have to write their names on it, they’ll be even more willing to participate.

While they get to voice their opinions, you get to see what they learned, what you need to re-teach, or if you need to reach out and talk to a student about a personal issue.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The reason why integrating student voice in a non-vocal manner is important.
  2. Two ways to do it: interest with Instagram, and Post-It Note play.

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2 Simple and Fun Student Voice Ideas and Activities
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