2 Fun and Simple Public Speaking Activities for Students in Elementary School

Today we’re going to talk about two fun and simple public speaking activities for students in elementary school.

If you have children who are struggling to get up and talk in front of others or to refine their thoughts, teaching public speaking in creative ways will help your children break out of their shell. This is an important skill for students to learn and it develops over a period of time and through practice.

I truly believe that public speaking, even though it may be uncomfortable for some of your students at the beginning, it will increase their confidence. I know this because I’ve seen it happen with my students over and over again.

2 Fun and Simple Public Speaking Activities for Students in Elementary School

So here are 2 really simple and fun activities to engage your children in public speaking. There’s minimal prep on your end and your kids will love it.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Make Your Change

Children, whether they’re in elementary or in high school, they love watching movies. So, choose a movie that’s age and school appropriate, have them watch it and pause before you get to the end of the show. Let your children know that their job is to figure out how to change the ending to make it even better.

Once they finish watching the show, give them some time to make notes about the movie and how they’d change it. Then have them do a pair-share before opening it up to the class to have them share their ideas with everyone.

Since not everyone will share with the entire class, take this activity and build on it in step number 2.

#2. Build it Together

Have your children change the ending of the movie as a class but each child can only contribute either one word or one sentence- this will be based on if you have kids who are incredibly shy and can only bring themselves to say one word. Go around the class and make sure that everyone has had a chance to talk at least once or twice until the ending has been completed.

For this activity, it’s too much to write it down, so instead of writing it, take out your phone and record your students. Once you’re done, broadcast it to them because I can guarantee you that they’ll have a good laugh at it as their collective ending will be hilarious to them.

Make it a point to remind your students that when they contribute and voice their opinions, together, they can create something beautiful or just plain hilarious.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The reason why teaching public speaking to your students is essential.
  2. Two ways to do it: make your change, and build it together.

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2 Fun and Simple Public Speaking Activities for Students in Elementary School

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2 Fun and Simple Public Speaking Activities for Students in Elementary School
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