How To Set Achievable Goals This New Year Instead Of Resolutions

Every year, many people gather together and make these big New Year’s Resolutions. They promise that they’ll stick to it and some even get started on it for the first few weeks.

However, when a resolution is made, it’s usually just stated out loud with no action plan. For that reason, many people give up or never get started and then feel horrible about themselves after.

This year’s going to be different.

How To Set Achievable Goals This New Year Instead Of Resolutions

You’re going to ditch the concept of making a resolution and you’re going to have an action plan instead. If it makes you feel better though, we can pretend it’s a resolution for your friends or for when you attend parties.

Today, you’re going to create your action plan and when people ask you about your supposed resolution, you’ll have a goal to tell them. However, the secret sauce here is that you’ll have created a plan to accomplish it so that you’re on top of it right from the start.

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Actionable Steps:

#1. Think Dump Truck

Brain dump all of your dreams or goals that you have for this upcoming year. Don’t judge yourself and don’t show it to anyone as you don’t need any nay-sayers. This is just for you. When you’re done, keep it in a place where you can see this sheet as you’ll need to revisit it.

#2. Love THE ONE.

This step is going to be broken down into a mini steps so before we continue, grab your colored pens and highlighters.

  • Take your pen and circle 4 goals that speak to you and excite you.
  • Take another pen and circle 1 practical goal that you need to accomplish.
  • Pick up your highlighter and highlight only 1-2 of the goals that you circled.
#3. Use Your Binoculars

For each of these goals, break them down into the smallest steps possible. Then choose 1-2 days where you can find 30 minutes or an hour to work on them. If you have more time, then go for it but for now, just choose 1-2 days so that you’re setting yourself up for success.

When you’ve chosen your days, put each of your mini goals into your calendar. You’re going to start working on it this upcoming week, so that you gain momentum immediately and find some success. We skipped today because technically, if you’re working through this exercise, you’ve already started working on your goals.

#4. Develop Long-Term Relationships

At some point, you’re bound to want to give up or get bored of your goals. Here are two ways to keep you motivated… and yes…. You need to make a note of them.

  • Beside your 1-2 main goals, write down WHY this goal is important to you and WHAT it will mean to you when you accomplish it.
  • Slot in reward times. It can be as small as having a piece of chocolate or enjoying some coffee with friends for when you reach small milestones. You may choose a bigger reward, like going on a trip or a daytrip when you accomplish your goals.
#5. Remember The Truck

Remember the brain dump you did in step #1?

Bring that back out once you’ve accomplished your goals, and follow steps 2-4 to start and complete a new goal.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of setting goals instead of creating resolutions
  2. One way to go more in-depth with goal setting is by downloading your free planner- CLICK HERE FOR IT.
  3. Five steps to set achievable goals this new year instead of resolutions: think dump truck, love the one, use your binoculars, develop long-term relationships, and remember the truck.

Free Resources:

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Systematic Plan to Super Passionate

Next Steps:

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How To Set Achievable Goals This New Year Instead Of Resolutions

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How To Set Achievable Goals This New Year Instead Of Resolutions
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