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 4 Ways On How To Handle The Stress Of Christmas

While Christmas may be known as “the most wonderful time of the year,” for many people, it’s incredibly stressful and filled with conflict.

With the pressure to constantly give or match the other person’s gifts even if you don’t have the finances for it, or to host or attend parties can truly impact emotions.

This is a time when many people struggle with depression and other illness.

So, when you’re dealing with difficult situations or people, keep your cool by working through the following four strategies.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Be Realistic

Work backwards and figure out what can be accomplished within a realistic time frame. Create a schedule with lots of breaks. You may work through some of them but it’s good to have them in place in case you run over time or need to rest.

Create a budget and stick to it. Don’t just wing it and overspend on gifts or ornaments because you’ll be in for a rude awakening once Christmas is over. Most people feel even more stressed out after Christmas because that’s when they see their bill and have to start paying it off.

So today, create your realistic schedule and budget.  

#2. Be Conflict-Free

Remember that Christmas is not just about you, but also about your loved ones. During this time, so many emotions arise and people get upset with each other.

When someone says or does something that upsets you, take a deep breath and remember that this time of the year is amplifying your emotions. Ask for some space, walk away, do something relaxing and then calmly approach the situation or person again. This way, you’re less likely to say or do something that you’ll regret later.

If you’re not sure how to center yourself, look at the following step.

#3. Be Mindful

Being mindful allows you to take away the focus from any stressful instances and shift the focus on the good in your life and this season.

The following are two ways that you can do it:

  • Indulge in self-care strategies that you can slot in during breaks. You get my FREE guide with self-care ideas by CLICKING HERE or on the image below.
  • Spend some time with yourself in quiet reflection so that you can feel deeply connected to the true meaning of Christmas. You get my FREE Christmas Reflection Journal by CLICKING HERE or on the image below.
#4. Be Boundary-Oriented

If you can’t afford an expensive gift or if you’re unable to host an event, it’s okay to say no. If people get angry, remember that this season amplifies people’s behaviors and that they’re entitled to their opinions. However, you need to care for yourself and your family.

4 Ways On How To Handle The Stress Of Christmas

If you need space or time, speak up and let your loved ones know as they can’t read your mind.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. Four strategies to help students enjoy the Christmas season: be realistic, be conflict-free, be mindful, and be boundary-oriented.
  2. The importance of engaging in them.

Free Resources:

In the mean time, if planning so that you’re ahead is not your jam, then check out the following: FREE MASTERCLASS: Systematic Plan to Super Passionate.

Systematic Plan to Super Passionate

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4 Ways on How to Handle the Stress of Christmas

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4 Ways On How To Handle The Stress Of Christmas
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