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Hi!!!!! I am SO HAPPY that you could could join me! My name is Charlotte and I created Colourful Teaching For You because I absolutely LOVE teaching. I have wanted to become a professional educator since the first grade and I have always been excited when exploring new ideas, formulating new ways of teaching and learning from my students and colleagues. When I was young girl, I was blessed with wonderful teachers who motivated me to work hard and to see the best in myself and my peers.
It is my deepest desire to inspire my students in the same way. I want to positively contribute to the future of my students by guiding and motivating them to become lifelong learners. I want them to learn about the beauty of curiosity and the art of learning through play, which simultaneously teaches them about independence and their own worth as human beings. It is my dream to be a part of this noble profession in hopes of one day being able to create a safe and nurturing environment for my students so that know that there is someone in this world who genuinely cares about them. I believe that this will work wonders in improving their self-esteem and will further aid in them thriving not only in the classroom but in the world as well.

Furthering my desire to help others, I decided motivate teachers by envisioning and designing products that are easy to use within the classroom. All of my products have been used in my classroom and are loved by my students. I am excited about this venture and I hope you join me on this exciting adventure of teaching and learning.

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About Me

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