Creative Thinking - Colourful Teaching For You

I absolutely love teaching and I do my best to teach my students how to think beyond the curriculum as I find that while it is a great starting point, it can be rather limiting. Children have so much of energy and joy. As educators, we need to foster a sense of wonder in everything that we do to engage them. It’s with this spirit that I have asked my students to take their learning a step further and to show me what they could do.  See the pictures below to see what two of my awesome students have worked on so far.

One of my students grew her own sunflower plant.

Another student decided to create / build her own plant:

Thinking Outside the Box

I chose to assess them on thoughtfulness, creativity, writing and presentation skills. My students were so excited to be given the autonomy to be themselves and to purse a topic of interest. They had many discussions with me and their parents about what they wanted to pursue, why it was of interest to them and how they were going to go about developing their ideas.

Some of my students are still working on their projects. These two students completed theirs in record time and could hardly wait to present their work to their peers. .

Creative Thinking

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