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There are only a few days left for Valentine’s Day and I’m sure your students are already excited for the occasion.

Instead of having this day only be about romance, let’s teach students how to show their appreciation for their classmates by being generous and working together.

Best of all, let’s integrate it into the curriculum so that students are learning some of their core work as well.

Each of the following activities are all fairly inexpensive and require very little effort on the part of the teacher so it’s possible for you to do all of them on Valentine’s Day or spread them out over a few days.

Students Can Show Love With Valentine's Day Activities for School

You can also combine these activities with the ones listed in Students Can Show Love With Valentine’s Day Activities For Family, for a more wholesome experience of this occasion.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Heart Shapes

Break open some heart shaped marshmallows, give your students some toothpicks and have them create STEAM structures out of them. When they complete it, they can take it home or eat the treat.

If you want to add a written component to it, have your students write about the steps it took to create their structure.

#2. Heart Collage

Create groups of 4-5 students and have them write positive comments about each of the members in their group on strips of red or pink heart strips of paper. Once they’ve completed it, take them outside and put them up on your bulletin board to form a big heart shaped collage of love.

#3. Estimated Sweetness

This lesson is great for your math lesson. Look for a transparent jar. Fill it up with heart shaped candies. Remember to count how many candies you put into the jar before you show it to your students.

Then take out a piece of paper and write down each of your students’ names on it. Beside their names, give them space to estimate how many candies they believe are in the jar. The child whose guess is closest to the number of candies in the jar, can be noted as the winner.

HOWEVER, so that you keep in line with the feeling of love, let everyone be a partial winner by giving all of your students some of the candy. The actual winner can have a few more but when everyone gets some candy, they’ll all feel happy and enjoy taking part in this activity.

#4. Love Notes

Pair children up so that no one feels left out and give them a Valentine’s Day card template. Their job is to write a special note to their partner and decorate the card for that person. This way, everyone gets a chance to feel special.

If you’re looking for card templates that you can print and hand out, check out the following resource: Happy Valentine’s Day Cards


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. What focusing on Valentine’s Day in your class can teach students.
  2. Four Valentine’s Day activities that student can do to enjoy this special occasion in class: heart shapes, heart collage, estimated sweetness, and love notes.

Free Resources:

In the mean time, if planning so that you’re ahead is not your jam, then check out the following: FREE MASTERCLASS: Systematic Plan to Super Passionate.

Systematic Plan to Super Passionate

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Students Can Show Love With Valentine's Day Activities for School

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Students Can Show Love With Valentine’s Day Activities for School
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