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3 Simple Ways For Motivating Students Who Refuse to Work

Today we’re going to talk about three simple ways for motivating students who refuse to work.

Every teacher has that one child that doesn’t want to focus on what the rest of the class is learning. This child may either have their head down or talk to another person the whole time, thereby distracting those around them. So instead of teaching, you’re spending your time on classroom management or spare time trying to track down parents.

There are teachers who will tell you that you can’t reach child, so it’s okay, but is it though? Even if you can’t reach all of them, you can try to reach as many as you can. When you do so, you aren’t having to struggle with classroom management all day.

The following are three ways to help you motivate students who refuse to work.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Engage in Conversation

Spend some 1-1 time with your students and ask them why they don’t want to work on an assigned task. At first you’ll get surface answers like, “this is boring” or “I don’t want to.”

Dig deeper! More often than not, there’s an underlying issue or need that isn’t being met either at home or in school.

This will be your first priority before worrying about the assignment.

#2. Provide Agency

Give students a choice in how they want to showcase their learning to either you or the class. Teach students different methods ahead of time and set your boundaries so that students know what’s expected. This is important because when children get to choose, it gives them ownership over their learning.

#3. Integrate Interests

Allow children to include what they’re interested in outside of school into their projects or classroom discussions so that it not only engages them but others as well. This will also allow children to think more deeply and feel more excited about the topic that they’re discussing with you.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of motivating students who refuse to work.
  2. Three simple ways to do it: engage in conversation, provide agency, and integrate interests.

Free Resources:

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3 Simple Ways For Motivating Students Who Refuse to Work
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