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Today we’re going to talk about four simple strategies for helping students find their voice.

Our classes are comprised of a variety of students with so many different learning needs.

Pen-to-paper work isn’t necessarily a good fit for all of your students. This is especially true if you have student with a lot of energy or those who struggle to write. On the other side of the pendulum, you may have fairly introverted children or those who are really creative and need another outlet.

4 Simple Strategies For Helping Students Find Their Voice

So today we’re going to look at four creative ways of having your children demonstrate their learning. Prior to introducing any of them set clear boundaries so that students know how to appropriately use them and teach children about how to communicate their thoughts clearly. Your students will need to plan for each of them ahead of time.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Playful Podcaster

Students can use a mic or just a phone and record their voice. They can add soft instrumental music to the background as a way of keeping their audience’s interest. This option is great for students who want to speak but are afraid of doing it in front of everyone.

#2. Beautiful Bloggers

There are free websites like Blogger and WordPress. If you already use Google Classroom, this can also be turned into a forum for blogging. They write newspaper articles, poems, songs, and so much more. Remind students that images will make their work stand out as well.

#3. Dramatic Darlings

If you have students who love being seen and who enjoy performing live, then this option is for them. They can write a play and perform it for their class. They can take it a step further and integrate costumes, singing and dancing as well.

#4. Valiant Videographer

This option is great for students who enjoy performing but don’t necessarily want to stand up and do it in front of the class live. All that’s needed is a camera and a mic or a phone as it has both options built into it. Record and upload the performance so that it can be shown to the class on a screen. Your students can enhance their work by using costumes for their characters.


Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The reasons for integrating different forms of voice into your teaching practice.
  2. What needs to be done before introducing any of the options.
  3. The four ways of showcasing student voice: playful podcaster, beautiful bloggers, dramatic darlings, and valiant videographer.

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Systematic Plan to Super Passionate

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4 Simple Strategies For Helping Students Find Their Voice

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4 Simple Strategies For Helping Students Find Their Voice

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