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Fun and Simple Spring Activities for Elementary Students

Spring is an excellent time to teach children about the joys of mother nature and how to appreciate it. This is an exciting season because the days get longer, the flowers bloom, the sun comes out and the weather gets warmer.

At this time, many students will start to fidget, and engage in unexpected and off-task behavior because even though it rains a bit more, students yearn to go outside as everything seems to come to life. Being outdoors is essential to their wellbeing, so let’s plan some engaging activities for both, inside and outside of the classroom. This will also help with behavior management.

The following activities are fun for students and easy to put together. They either involve no prep work or minimal at best.

Actionable Steps:

#1. Celebrate Together

Have a day, like the Spring Equinox, dedicated to celebrating Spring. Your students can attend class dressed up in spring themed clothes. You can do guided drawings of flowers and decorate your classroom with them.

#2. Play Outside

Design and make kites with your students. Considering spring can be a windy time of the year, take them outside so that they can fly their kites and while enjoying the fresh air and breeze.

You can also enjoy your time outside by hiding spring items on the playground or the field so that your students can play scavenger hunt with each other.

#3. Spring Curriculum

Even though spring is beautiful and it fills us with life, we do have to focus on the curriculum a bit. One way to do that is to focus on writing. You can do that with the following resources.

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Let’s recap really quickly. Today, we looked at the following:

  1. The importance of teaching about Pink Shirt Day on the actual day and beyond.
  2. Fun and simple spring activities for elementary students: celebrate together, play outside, and spring curriculum.

Free Resources:

If your children are struggling to hand in assignments on time, check out the following video training: 3 Steps to Teach Children How to Overcome Procrastination to Increase Productivity.

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Next Steps:

For calm down areas on a budget, for your students who have autism, CLICK HERE.

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Fun and Simple Spring Activities for Elementary Students
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